Michael Grobe

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This site is primarily a description of current projects or projects I worked on during my tenure at Academic Computing Services at The University of Kansas.

During much of my stay at ACS I managed a group that, for want of a better name, I took to calling the "Distributed Computing support group", which was widely involved in networked computing around campus and even globally.

During the early 90's we built a distributed hypertext system that evolved into the text-based World-Wide Web (WWW) browser, called "Lynx", which was one of the first 4 or 5 World Wide Web browsers ever built and is today available on literally millions of computers worldwide. (For a more complete history of the early devlopment of Lynx see: http://people.cc.ku.edu/~grobe/early-lynx.html.)

My activities over the past 15 years or so are reflected in this list of programs, talks, and web pages presented in roughly reverse chronological order:

In addition, I have recently completed the 40-hour Clinical Research Program offered by IUPUI Continuing Education. This series of courses introduces students to topics related to the clinical trial process.

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